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DISCONTINUED PRODUCT K12sA - Active Front-Loaded Subwoofer
  • Active Subwoofer
  • Ultra-compact Design
  • 12"LF Speaker
  • Networkable DSP with Control Software
  • Satellite Output
  • Freq. Resp. (-6dB): 43Hz - X-over
  • LF Extension (-10dB): 38Hz
  • Maximum SPL: 131.5dB/134.5dB (Half-Space)
  • Subwoofer (internal) (RMS/Program/Peak): 1100W/1480W/2960W
  • Subwoofer Output (external) (RMS/Program/Peak): 550W/740W/1480W (4Ω)
Emerging from the R&D Department and following an extensive engineering work, NEXT-proaudio’s new single point source line – KUBIX - is intended to provide high performance and fidelity as well as a coverage consistency to the venues.

Designed to be included within fixed installations this single point source series were released to create an uniform wave front without hot spots combining high fidelity, transparency, highly accurate and neutral sounding with a compact format to deliver the best sound to every members of the audience.

The family currently consists on 6 models of two-way coaxial loudspeakers: K5 (5”, extended LF, passive), K5+ (5”, High sensitivity, passive), K8 (8”, passive) K8A (8”, active 2-way with DSP), K12 (12”, passive) and K12A (12”, active 2-way with DSP).

The coaxial full-range models are complemented by high-performance subwoofers: K10s (10”, passive), K10sA (10”, active with DSP), K12s (12”, passive) and K12sA (12”, active with DSP). Both models are capable to power external passive “Satellites” such as K5, K8 and K12 as well as other units from the NEXT-proaudio range.

With KUBIX is possible to cover practically all install applications including nightclubs, bars, restaurants, convention centres, hotels, museums and houses of worship.

These versatile speakers work equally well as monitor, on a tripod stand or wall/ceiling/corner-mounted using the available range of mounting accessories.

The active enclosures are powered by integrated, lightweight Class-D audio amplifiers, specially engineered to provide high impact, balanced, rich and transparent sound at any volume. The integrated networkable DSP provides extended flexibility allowing the user to adjust several important audio processing parameters, input EQ, Input Level, Satellite Level, Input Delay, Satellite Delay, HP/LP filters and Bass Enhancer. A total of 8 selectable PRESET memories are available, 6 already loaded with factory PRESETS and 2 for user personal adjustments.

The KUBIX Series can be supplied in black or white colour as standard as well as in any RAL colour to special order.
Technical Data
  • Speaker Type:
  • Active Reflex Subwoofer
Acoustical Data
  • Frequency Response (-6dB):
  • 43Hz - X-over
  • Low Frequency Extension (-10dB):
  • 38Hz
  • Calculated Max. SPL (Cont/Peak):
  • 131.5dB/134.5dB (Half-Space)
  • Low Frequency:
  • 1 x 12" (300mm)/3.5" (88mm) VC, Neodymium Long Excursion B&C Custom Speaker
Electrical Data
  • Connectors:
  • Signal: 2 x XLR; Power: 2 x PowerCON; Output to external satellite: 1 x Neutrik NL4
Amplifier Module
  • Amplifier Technology:
  • 2 Channel Switched Mode Class D with DSP
  • Subwoofer (internal) (RMS/Program/Peak):
  • 1100W/1480W/2960W
  • Subwoofer Output (external) (RMS/Program/Peak):
  • 550W/740W/1480W (4Ω)
  • Controller:
  • PC Controlled Networkable DSP 24bit/48kHz
  • System Presets:
  • 6 Factory and 2 User, Selectable via Software or Rear Panel Switch
  • PC Control:
  • Via RS485 and Suplied Software "SOUNDWARE"
  • DSP Adjustable Parameters:
  • 6 PEQ, Delay, HPF, LPF, Polarity, Bass Enhancer, Level, Mute
  • AC Operating Voltage:
  • 180V - 245VAC
  • Nominal Power Consumption:
  • 770W
  • Dimensions (WxHxD):
  • 490 x 427 x 370mm (19.29 x 16.81 x 14.57in)
  • Net Weight:
  • 22kg (48.5lb)
K12sA Accessories
  • TX00912
    NEXT Individual Cover for K12s
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