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25 MARCH, 2014
Designed By Real Music with NEXT-proaudio speakers "Dahua • 1935" ushered premiere of master Yang Shaohua, the comic industry dean.
Dahua - 1935 in China Dahua - 1935 in China

Designed By Real Music with Portugal NEXT-proaudio speakers "Dahua • 1935" ushered premiere of master Yang Shaohua, the comic industry dean.

Adjacent to the Daming Palace National Heritage Park, "Dahua • 1935" came from Dahua textile mill established in Xi`an? 1935 by China textile King Shi Fengxiang. It is the earliest and largest textile machinery company in northwest China. "Dahua • 1935" inherits the precious relics of modern industrial civilization, and integrates functions of modern urban society, defined as a culture and commercial Mall covering arts and culture centers, industrial heritage museum, a cluster of small theaters, shopping district and other functions of city life. Pioneer Theatre is a small traditional theater with a capacity of 300 people, mainly for small drama, Shaanxi Opera, musical theater and indoor-based performances, which requires not only sufficient dynamics, but also good speech intelligibility. Opera Theater is mainly for Chinese traditional rap performances, with a total area of 385 m², 146 table seats.

Real Music did a careful and detailed design for Pioneer Theater and Opera Theater with NEXT-proaudio speakers.

Pioneer Theatre and Opera Theater both use Portugal NEXT- proaudio X-Line series as main PA speaker.

Pioneer Theatre proscenium is 10 meters wide, 6 meters high. Real Music used a traditional way to layout the speaker: the center position of the sound bridge placed two NEXT X12, they completely cover the entire audience area after rotating the horn, two NEXT X15 used on each side of the stage at height of 2.5 meters and two X12 are wall-mounted as effect sound.

One XH18 is stacked just below the X15 on the each side of the stage. The 18 " subwoofer is used to extend the low-frequency impact of the entire system. LAm series of NEXT-proaudio were chosen as a monitor solution on the stage. Two LAm112x placed on the stage with 5 meters distance.

Opera Theatre has a proscenium with width of only 6.5 meters, the stage is a little small. It needs a better human voice than Pioneer Theatre. Real Music chose NEXT-proaudio X-Line series X15 as FOH, installed on both sides of the stage. Additionally, two X10 placed on the stage as mobile monitors.

Dahua textile mill, who carved the Modern industrial civilization has already become the past, while "Dahua • 1935" will start another civilization, NEXT-proaudio will open the next brilliant along with Dahua.

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