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03 DECEMBER, 2015
NEXT-proaudio installed at Patio Luanda in Angola
NEXT-proaudio installed at Patio Luanda in Angola

A new sound reinforcement system has been installed at Patio Luanda. This important restaurant is a very well-known space located in the city of Luanda which hosts a big variety of events such as weddings, corporate events as well as live music activities.

Patio Luanda was looking for a system that could offer high sound pressure levels, reliability, an aesthetic design and high sound fidelity throughout the venue. The new solution was designed and installed by the manufacturer's representative in Angola, Mr. Julio Cardoso.

To achieve that requirements, the choice on the main system was the NEXT PX systems due to its versatility, sound quality and reliability. On the stage the choice was the NEXT Lam112x stage monitors.

The project was designed and conceived to satisfy all the needs of Patio Luanda including live performances as well as DJs performance. In the case of live performances they will use two PX systems as main system, one PX system as Side fill and another PX system as Delay system. The PX system, thanks to their versatility and easy installation, allows Patio Luanda to change the position of the stacks depending on the event that is schedule. If they plan to use the systems for Djs performance, each PX system can be placed in every corner of the room, covering the entire space uniformly and concentrating a huge sound pressure in the center - Julio Cardoso, NEXT-proaudio representative in Angola.

The complete solution comprises of eight PXH64 2-Way Horn-Loaded Mid/High Speaker with sixteen PXL118 18-inch Hybrid-Horn Subwoofer supplying low end powered by eight PXA8000 PX Power Rack.

The solution is supplemented with six coaxial bi-amplified monitors LAm112x on the stage. The stage monitors are powered by the NEXT MQ10000 amplifiers and with processing by the manufacturer’s LMS242.

The concert of the big opening of Patio Luanda was performed by the international Singer Yuri da Cunha.

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