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16 NOVEMBER, 2018
NEXT-proaudio introduces Audio Tool Software
NEXT-proaudio introduces Audio Tool Software

Audio Tool is the new free software developed by NEXT-proaudio which main goal is to help end-users when configuring their systems (Speakers + Amplifiers).

This exclusive and unique tool includes a database with all the passive speakers from NEXT-proaudio range as well as the available digital and analog amplifiers, M Series, MA Series and Powersoft X Series.

The amplifier's and speaker's databases include several important parameters, from each speaker and amplifier model, that grant the software the ability to calculate the optimum configuration.

With Audio Tool the user can, automatically, get the best combination between speakers and amplifiers in order to get the best perfomance from both devices.

Basically the user inputs which speaker model and how many units per amplifier channel and the software sets the recommended amplifier, according to the selected amplifier mode and technology (Stereo/Bridge and Analog/Digital).

Besides that, Audio Tool, is also capable of automatically calculate the proper limiter settings such as Threshold, Attack and Release Times regarding the whole system settings.

On the past, this task was very time consuming and at the end it wasn´t very effective because a lot of variables are on the play and most of the times the end-user is not able to do such complex calculations.

There is also a manual mode that allows the user to select which models, of speaker and amplifier, is using and get the convenient limiters and see the system's performance through two very intuitive color gauges.

Download: (NEXT-proaudio - AudioTool)

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