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11 DECEMBER, 2015
NEXT-proaudio powers Romania’s National Day
NEXT-proaudio powers Romania’s National Day

A NEXT-proaudio system was recently used for the Romania´s National Day, a very special occasion to celebrate the union of three regions: Transylvania, Moldavia and Romania in 1918.

This celebration took place on Alba lulia for more than 15000 people with 1200 soldiers parade, trucks and military equipment. Alba Iulia is a historic town and attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists annually. It is in the top 3 of the most beautiful and visited cities in Romania.

For this event, the challenge was to cover a distance of 200m, left and right of the main stage. It was basically a street with two lanes where soldiers paraded and sidewalks were located viewers (tourists).

We like challenges, but in this case we have tried to primarily ensure the safety of the thousands people who attend to this event. We think for the organization was the most important event ever made, and it is why it had to be very well successful, and it was. On the end, they were very satisfied with the results - Sergiu Negrea, Sega Events Manager.

The sound system solution was designed by Sega Events, providing main PA system, left and right arrays, each with 5 LA122 cabinets and side arrays were made up of 4 LA122 each one. The complete solution comprised 18 LA122, 6 MQ10000 and 2 LMS242.

NEXT-proaudio solutions were deployed by Sega Events and supplied through the one manufacturer’s Romanian dealer Live Rental based in Cluj-Napoca.

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