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PX-Slave-System - 2xPXH64 + 4xPXL118 + 2xPXA8000 Drawer
This is a Slave System to be used ONLY with PX System.

The PX System is a complete plug’n’play, processor-controlled, horn-loaded stacking P.A. optimized for flexible, high power and modular array configurations. Presenting itself as a perfect alterntive, can offer an easy set up, less cabling and very simple operation.

The PX system can offer high SPL, reliability, an aesthetic design and high sound fidelity throughout the venue. This system is designed for portable applications as well as small concerts. Side-fill or DJ monitoring are also one of the many applications covered by PX System.
1 Complete system can Power another PX Slave System, composed by the same cabinets and using a PXA8000 Drawer Slave Rack instead of PXA8000 Power Rack, having the same look as PX System.

Complete System Configuration:

2 – PXH64 (

4 – PXL118 (

2 – PXA8000 Drawer (info soon)

4 - Speaker cable 8 x 4mm² NL8 1m

2 - Speaker cable 8 x 4mm² NL8 1.5m
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