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NEW PRODUCT PXA8001 - PX Power Rack
  • Controlled by Powersoft Armonia Software
  • SMPS with PFC
  • Powered by Powersoft
  • Perfectly integrated with PX cabinets
  • Ultra-Lightweight
  • System Presets: 4 Factory Presets (PXH64 Flat, PXH64 Music, PXH95 Flat, PXH95 Music)
  • Type: 4-Channel PX System Power Rack
  • Amplifier: SMPS with PFC Class D Amplifier
  • Total Power: 8000W
  • Net Weight: 19 kg
Perfectly integrated, the PX system Power Rack is the heart of the system. Composed by a very powerful Powersoft amplifier module, with PFC and SMPS, and a Powersoft DSP, integrated to Armonia, this power rack is capable of driving a wide range of system’s configurations with absolute reliability and ample headroom.

The system amplifier is based in a Powersoft amplifier module, that features a fixed switching frequency design of the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) block allowing for maximum performance, high predictability and immunity from intermodulation artefacts; all this with an additional and extensive set of protection mechanisms (power limiters, thermal shutdown, short circuit and overload, clip limiter): there's no quality without reliability! Working at optimal efficiency, little power is wasted and the need for heat dissipation is reduced, resulting in long-term reliability with an astounding power output of 4 x 2000W into 4?. Two PXH64 or PXH95 and four PXL118 can be driven with extreme operational reliability and sound quality.

The digital audio processor unit protects and optimizes the entire system, with RMS and PEAK Limiters. The DSP has already installed 4 presets: PXH64 FLAT, PXH64 MUSIC, PXH95 FLAT, PXH95 MUSIC. All necessary signal processing functions like equalization, crossover filters, delays and limiters are setup at the factory for plug ‘n’ play. The system can be fully integrated into Powersoft Armonia workspace.

When using a PX System plus a PX Slave System, there is a “dummy” PXA8001 on the slave system called PXA8000 Drawer, it includes a drawer for cable storage. A key feature is maintaining exactly the same appearance as PXA8001 from the front grille so nobody will notice it.
Technical Data
  • Type:
  • 4-Channel PX System Power Rack
Amplifier Module
  • Amplifier Technology:
  • SMPS with PFC Class D Amplifier
  • Cooling:
  • Temperature Controlled Internal Fans
  • Average Efficiency:
  • >79%
  • Total Output Power:
  • 8000W
  • MF Section Output Power:
  • 2000W/4Ω
  • HF Section Output Power:
  • 1000W/8Ω
  • Controller:
  • 24 bit/48kHz 3 channel DSP
  • Digital Crossover:
  • 150Hz/1200Hz, 24dB/oct L-R
  • System Presets:
  • 4 Factory Presets (PXH64 Flat, PXH64 Music, PXH95 Flat, PXH95 Music)
  • PC Control:
  • Real time control plus monitoring via Powersoft Armonia
  • AC Operating Voltage:
  • 90 - 264Vac, 50 - 60Hz
  • Nominal Power Consumption:
  • 600W (2.6A)
  • Mains Connector:
  • Neutrik Powercon
  • LF1 Section Output Power:
  • 2000W/4Ω
  • LF2 Section Output Power:
  • 2000W/4Ω
  • Construction:
  • 15mm Multi-Laminate Birch Ply
  • Finish:
  • Textured Black Semi-Matte Coating
  • Protective grill:
  • Black Perforated Steel
  • Fittings:
  • 12 x M8 for Optional Rigging/Tilt System
  • Handles:
  • 1 on Each Side
  • Dimensions (WxHxD):
  • 600 x 182 x 641mm (23.62 x 7.17 x 25.24in)
  • Net Weight:
  • 19kg (41.9lb)
  • Shipping Weight:
  • 20.2kg (44.5lb)
PXA8001 Accessories
  • TX81201
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